Sunday, May 17, 2009

While still waiting for the correct front steering parts and having exhausted all the little chores in the interior, I removed the engine cover to see what could be done with it. Sometime in its past, someone tried to close the lid without releasing the prop rod. As a result the reinforcement rib was broken and the lid was torn. Someone tried to repair it by brazing but it was not doing the job. I drilled out the spot welds to remove the rib. I used an oxy-acetylene torch to melt off the brass to assess the damage. It looked like the easiest way was to cut out the damaged section and fabricate a patch panel to fit the gap. It was welded in and ground smooth, the rib welded back on and re installed on the car. The lid would now stay up without bending in the middle but has a slight hump in the center that I'll have to massage out after removing the home made hinges. Feeling cocky, I removed the front hood to align and weld several cracks in the edges. Feels like the hood and trunk were made of tissue paper. I guess they had to keep the weight down when powering a car with only 16 1/2 H.P. I don't have any pictures of these repairs but I can take some tomorrow and post in the next installment. If anyone has any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to send them along. Night night.

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