Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apparently I don't have the hang of this yet. Too much time off. I stumbled across a good deal on a tilting, flat bed trailer to haul the Bianchina around on. Bought it, brought it home, took it all apart to clean, fix and paint and forgot all about taking before pictures. I'll post some when it's back together but not completely finished. I want to get it registered and tagged before completely finishing it. I'm planning on having an electric winch mounted on the front to load the car on but I'm afeared that might make it too hard to get a home built title. We'll see.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We finally finished getting my Dads estate finished, it will be listed tomorrow. I got back in the shop today and just futzed around getting used to it again. As promised, here are the before and after pictures of the cut down Corvair rocker trim. The finished length is 49.75 inches just to give you an idea of the scale. As soon as I can, I'll move the car into the working bay and install the mounting strips, drill all the holes and screw in stainless screws. I will then remove it all and store it and continue with the filling and sanding previously started. It's good to be back.