Friday, January 20, 2012

While waiting for Corvair parts to arrive I had a chance to sand down the repair on my steering wheel. It is ready for the final scuffing and priming with epoxy primer. Be back soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haven't figured out how to continue writing after adding more pictures so I started a new post. Just remember this goes with the previous pictures. I used my Dremel tool to widen the crack and after cleaning it out I filled it with JB Weld as shown below. Tomorrow when it is cured I will sand it smooth ready for priming.

While waiting for the next Corvair to come in the shop, I decided to do some little things I've been putting off. The first is repairing a flat tire. I must have pinched the tube when I mounted the new tires. I bought a new tube some time ago but just never got around to fixing it. I got out my trusty small wheel bead breaker that I purchased from Harbor Freight and began to replace the tube. I have to tell you, that's the best $19.00 I've ever spent. It has been used to dismount the five old tires and mount the new ones (one of them twice), removed and replaced the two trailer tires and had no problem breaking any of them loose. After I finished the tire, I decided to work on my steering wheel. You can see a small crack right around the top edge where the horn button goes.