Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well, I delivered another restored Corvair and I am just about done with the remodeling of the rec room so I was able to get back to paint stripping. I'm working on the right front fender and I am just amazed at the shitty workmanship and lousy repair practices this poor little car has undergone. The pictures show different views of the same area trying to capture the hack job done on the fender lip. The procedure, apparently, is to beat the inner and outer fender edges together, punch a series of holes with a chisel, wrap a strip of fiberglas around the exposed edge and then slather on about a pound of filler. Grind, file, sand or even maybe whittle until it resembles the original fender, spray on a fast coat of paint and get it out the door before the rust pops through again. Needless to say it appears I am going to have to replace the front fenders with new ones. I have already obtained an NOS front panel to replace the battery acid eaten one that is on the car. If I have to also replace the rocker panels, does anyone think the car will fold in half when the bad parts are removed? I'll have to start with the front panel, go to the fender and then the rocker panel. The process will be reversed to install the new parts and of course I will only do one side at a time. Hmmmm.