Friday, April 9, 2010

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to spend my fender and rocker panel money on a new (to me) truck. So while rebuilding the fun money account and having a gap in Corvair work, I started knocking out some of the dents in the doors as seen above. The one on the left was a pain due to double wall construction in that area but it came out pretty good. The other door only had a small section of double wall so most of the crease was straightforward hammer and dolly work. I also worked on the hood. I wasn't happy with the cleaning and metal-prep so I did it again and allowed the metal-prep solution to remain on it longer before washing it off and drying it. Much better phosphate coating now. I removed some dents in it also. I'll probably start on body dent removal next, there are some small ones in the roof and the tops off the fenders above my proposed cut line. The above pictures are "before", haven't taken any after yet.