Monday, July 29, 2013

See? Told you I'd be back soon. Life has a way of knocking hell out of your plans. After I finished the two big Corvair jobs,  I was all ready to move the Bianchina back to the working stall in the shop.
Before that happened, I had a chance to buy a friend's Snap-on toolbox and all his tools. It took quite a while to find space for the box, weed out all the duplicate tools, and find room for the added ones.
Finally got that done and noticed right before moving the little car that I wasn't really ready to start block sanding yet. Under different lighting I could see a groove running right along the fender crease on the right side. I also found a couple spots on the rear that weren't right, so, out came the body filler and a skim coat was added to these spots. That's the yellow in the pictures. Tomorrow I'll sand these and if okay, go get another quart of high build primer and respray the car. Hopefully I'll be able to block sand and get the finish coats on before I have to move the car again.
You can also see my wall of toolboxes behind the car. I couldn't find anything when I was done with the sorting out. I had to label all the drawers so I could find the tool needed at the moment. I also probably have a touch of CRS which doesn't help.