Wednesday, September 24, 2014

HAH! Bet you all thought I wouldn't get this done today. Fooled ya! Got the new high build primer on and am now ready to start block sanding with 400 grit. AND I have no one waiting for Corvair work. Yay and Booo, like the extra time but will miss the extra money.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I am both embarrassed and chagrined about the length of time it took to get back to this project. I had two "Corvairs from Hell" in the shop and they took almost a year to get rid of. However, I'm back on the Bianchina. I had repaired a few spots that I missed in the weird light on the left side of the shop. I sanded and resprayed epoxy primer on the spots. I am planning on spraying high build primer on them tomorrow after scuffing everything with a Scotchpad. When that is dry, I can start wet sanding and blocking to prepare for the color coat. At this point, I am refusing to accept any more Corvair work until this is accomplished. Wish me luck, assuming there is anyone left out there still following this account. The pictures show the repairs and then the black epoxy over them.