Monday, October 29, 2018

The last two pieces of weather stripping were cut and fitted to the front and rear inner door edges on the right side of the car. I am waiting for the new door handles  before I install the window glass.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

This is what you get for $463

So, a rainy Saturday was spent installing these items. First up was attaching the window felts to the chrome window trims. I used #2 by 3/16" flathead sheet metal screws like below.

I clamped the felt to the trim pieces, measured and drilled holes using a #48 bit. The felts were then screwed on and the end result was this.

Notice that two are up and two are down so you can see what I am talking about. These trim pieces mount on the top edge of the door on each side of the window glass. Next I cut and glued the rubber window channel linings into the channels and allowed them to dry overnight. The first picture is all the clamps needed to hold them in place while drying and the second is the finished product. There is also a vertical piece in each door that is non removable. I installed the right side one. The other side will have to wait until I can turn the car around.

Next, I installed the top of window seal on the roof as shown below.

The on door seal was glued and clamped in place to dry.

While waiting for everything to dry, I decided to strip the seat upholstery off the seat frames to prepare them for powder coating.

So ends a long productive day.

Monday, October 22, 2018

While waiting for the gas to siphon out of the car I'm working on, I decided to figure out a way to make the door glass rollers work again. After freeing them up so they would turn, I was able to dis assemble them and replace the old, cracked, rotted rubber with new fresh rubber. The little black piece in the center is one of the old roller covers for comparison.

Also, I have ordered all the rubber seals to go around the doors, around the window tops and in the window guides inside the doors. I also ordered the seal across the top of the windshield where the folding top seals. I will be posting my progress installing these seals, the windows and the door operating hardware--except the outer handles, I will be ordering new ones. (After finishing another Corvair) Fiat parts are expensive!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Phil, I've tried multiple times to answer your question but for some reason I can't publish a reply, here is the information you requested.
Axel Gerstl
I had a small gap in the Corvair work waiting for the machine shop to finish balancing my parts, so I thought I would connect and adjust the parking brake cables. Shouldn't take over 15-20 minutes, right? So, three hours later it is done. I also moved the seats out of storage into the car in the hopes it would entice me into upholstering and installing them. We shall see. I didn't take pictures of them because no one wants to see old ratty looking seats in a refreshed interior. I will take before and after shots when I do the upholstery work.
The before and after shots of the brake cable installation are below for what it's worth.

Looks simple doesn't it---NOT!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I guess I should post a picture of the finished starter cable clip installed just to show that I AM still working on the little car. Tonight I am also making up a list of parts to order from Germany. Stuff that I can't get here in the states. I will order these as soon as I get paid for the present Corvair in the shop.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

It has been too long, I know, but I just got a few minutes to putter around with some small stuff that needed doing. I installed the chrome strip on the passenger side door and made up an extension clip for the starter cable (too short) Is anything correct for Fiats? I'm slightly embarrassed at how long it took to make this little clip and it still needs to be painted and allowed to dry overnight before installing it. I'll git'er done tonight. I need to start removing all the pieces that need to be sent to the chrome shop that I had to temporarily install to check the wiring circuits. Kinda hate to do it but when they go back on they will be shinier and have real gaskets, win-win.