Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I did get the spots touched up but forgot to take pictures until yesterday. I need to get some more epoxy primer and respray the spots. Then cover with high build primer again. For right now, I had to move it to the other side of the shop, sick Corvair coming in.

Monday, July 29, 2013

See? Told you I'd be back soon. Life has a way of knocking hell out of your plans. After I finished the two big Corvair jobs,  I was all ready to move the Bianchina back to the working stall in the shop.
Before that happened, I had a chance to buy a friend's Snap-on toolbox and all his tools. It took quite a while to find space for the box, weed out all the duplicate tools, and find room for the added ones.
Finally got that done and noticed right before moving the little car that I wasn't really ready to start block sanding yet. Under different lighting I could see a groove running right along the fender crease on the right side. I also found a couple spots on the rear that weren't right, so, out came the body filler and a skim coat was added to these spots. That's the yellow in the pictures. Tomorrow I'll sand these and if okay, go get another quart of high build primer and respray the car. Hopefully I'll be able to block sand and get the finish coats on before I have to move the car again.
You can also see my wall of toolboxes behind the car. I couldn't find anything when I was done with the sorting out. I had to label all the drawers so I could find the tool needed at the moment. I also probably have a touch of CRS which doesn't help.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The high build primer went on without a hitch. Now to move everything to the other side of the shop and clean up. I have a paying job to do before I can start wet sanding for the color coats. I'll be back soon.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

This is the final (I hope) coat of epoxy primer. If all goes well, Monday I'll spray a couple coats of high fill primer and move it all to the other side of the shop. I have a major Corvair job coming in soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

All the little dents that mysteriously appeared with the black primer have been filled. I will sand smooth and respray and hope I can move on to the high fill primer. I still haven't figured out how I'm going to wet sand inside the shop and I don't want to wait for warm weather.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It has been a real struggle, but I finally got the second coat of epoxy primer on. The sharp eyed among you may notice it is a different color. The reason is, when I went to buy another quart of DP-LF light gray primer on Monday, the sales guy asked if I had an out of state license. I of course said no, Why? He said I can't sell it to you due to Delaware changing its' laws on volatile solvents. Well, how the h..l am I going to finish my car? I was told that I could buy DP-LV. My next question was "are they compatible?" I was assured that they were. I asked for a quart of light gray and was told they do not have it in that store but could get it by 10 AM Wednesday. I wasn't in a real rush so I said that would be fine. Skip to Wednesday around 1:30 PM, should be there, right? The guy I was dealing with wasn't there and they couldn't locate the primer. Didn't know if it came in or not or if it was put aside for me but it was nowhere to be found. Just slightly miffed, I asked what else could I do? It was suggested I use DP90-LV instead. This is black so I was concerned the color coat would show different from the wheels that have been previously painted using the light gray primer. After some teeth gnashing and nasty thoughts, it dawned on me. Dummy! I still have to spray on a couple wet coats of high build primer. They assured me that it was in stock and compatible. I made a major decision and decided to buy everything need to finish the job. Epoxy primer and hardener, high build primer and hardener, Creme Brûlée base coat , blazing Orange metallic base coat , clear coat and hardener, gallon of lacquer thinner for cleanup, 6 mixing cups and was told that the reducer that I already had is compatible with everything. Hot Dog! I'm all set! So after transferring $570 from my wallet to theirs, I was on my way out the door when I heard "hey wait, you qualify for mixing sticks and some paper filters" Really? I spend $570 and I get some 3 cent sticks they give away at Home Depot? Wow! Such a deal, the filters were nice though. I put it all in the shop and bright and early the next day, I went up in the attic and brought down the supplied air system, hood, and air hose for the turbine. I mixed up the paint( using my new qualified filters), loaded the gun, donned my hood, turned on the turbine and began to spray. Amazingly, all went well and the car, doors, engine lid, trunk lid, rear engine cross support and even the steering wheel were painted. Shut down the turbine, cleaned the gun and went outside to remove the hood and unplug the supplied air compressor. After about three hours I figured it was safe to go in the shop and finish the clean up. Opened both doors, turned on both fans and started to check out what I had done. Damn! The black primer showed about a dozen tiny dents that I couldn't see with the light primer but jumped right out at me with the black. I guess I'm not done with the body filler after all but it is progress. I have to take care of the little dents and re spray with the black and then I can spray on a couple wet coats of high fill primer and start blocking it. Hope it goes faster than this did, stay tuned.