Monday, January 10, 2011

Been working on a bunch of little things, none worthy of a picture. I started by putting the lift under the car and removing the front half of the rotisserie so I could work on the front panel. I needed to shrink the left side some in order for the bumper to fit without hitting the body. That's when I discovered that there is supposed to be nuts welded to the inside of the brackets. After scratching around for the correct size, I welded them in place. One of the bumperettes needed a slight grinding at the bottom to fit correctly and I figured it's better to do it before they go to the chroming shop. Made a list of all the needed screws and bolts needed to mount the tail light housing and the front and rear bumperettes. Placed the car back on the rotisserie and painted the rear seat(GGGG) area with POR-15, buffed the stainless rain gutter trim and masked it so I could seam seal all the seams on the body with tube type sealer instead of the brush on type. I also went this morning and bought the epoxy primer, I was thinking of getting a gallon just to have on hand but at $167 I settled for a quart and a pint of hardener. I'll have to see how far that goes. I'm intending to prime the entire car, top to bottom, inside and out.

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