Monday, September 25, 2017

Although This is all posted today, it actually took place over a weeks time. I had been searching for a needed part for my heating system on the Bianchina with absolutely no luck. About two weeks ago in the middle of the night I had a sudden flash of inspiration on how to fabricate this part. The following is a step by step photo record of what I did. The part I needed is a two piece elbow that connects the motor cooling shroud to the heat exchanger on the front exhaust pipe. I am told that this is only on cold climate cars and apparently very few were made thus the scarcity of this part. I went online and found a 3 inch ID copper elbow and a 6 x 12 inch sheet of copper as shown below.

The elbow was cut in half and sanded flat on a large disc sander, the sheet was cut on my bandsaw. I then silver soldered the half elbows to the copper sheet. When cool they were roughly trimmed to size.

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