Sunday, August 5, 2012

I guess you all thought I died. GGG Well, I'm back. Bathroom parts on long back orders, 11 stitches in my hand, Selling Dads house, 90-100 degree temps in the shop, having to go to settlement and about a hundred pain in the a$$ things kept me from working on the car. It's all over but probating the estate ( and the high temps) but I'm back. As you can see, the car is back on the rotisserie. I'll move it back to the other side of the shop and start on the doors. Then primer again. We'll see.


  1. Yup was afraid you had passed :) weldome back.

  2. Thanks, Allen, still kickin' and back at work on the car. How's yours coming along?

    1. Well we were catching up to ya but you resurected :) now its a race.
      We are hoppig for paint booth time around Christmas ....mayber hehe